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Hi there stranger! It’s nice to see you in my little corner of the internet. Make yourself comfortable, I hope you’ll stay for a while. Blogging is not exactly a new thing to me. In my life I’ve started (and deleted) more blogs than I would like to admit. And here I am again - trying to start a new one. I guess I'm truly a hopeless case. This time though I feel more motivated to make it last. Not a week, not a month but a tiny bit more.

Writing is something that was somehow attached to me my whole life. Attached so much that I ended up with bachelors in journalism and public relations. Since finishing my degree I stopped writing and god, I missed it a lot. So now, not only am I starting to write again but also I’ll do it in English. It’s a big challenge for me as it’s not my first language (obviously, duh) and I’m absolutely sure that my hatred towards grammar will give me nightmares but hey, let’s stay positive! So please if you spot any mistakes just let me know, because this blog is just one, big learning experience.

But what exactly are you going to write about? Good question reader! I would like to post about things that are important to me or just simply are giving me joy. You can expect beauty content, travel photos, posts about living abroad and all the good and bad that comes with it and some fashion bits (I will work on my awkward posing skills, I promise).

So here we are, me at the beginning of my blogging journey and you, hopefully still here. Pop in again for some new content! I hope that we’re not strangers anymore. See you soon!

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