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Nerja was a love at the first sight for me. After visiting absolutely stunning but busy Malaga and staying in Velez-Malaga which is a quite busy city too, Nerja was a breath of fresh air. Not literally of course - it’s Spain after all. 

Blame it on Instagram but since I landed in Spain I wanted to take photos of beautiful narrow streets, white buildings, balconies decorated with flowers. If you’re like me, photo obsessed, looking for some Insta worthy space or you just enjoy beautiful surroundings then Nerja is just perfect for you! 

First of all, it makes a wonderful day trip from Malaga. It’s only around 50km from the city but with around 20.000 inhabitants it definitely has a different vibe. Still, don’t expect it to be calm and empty. I’m definitely not the only person that appreciates Nerja’s charms. In the summer season, it’s filled with tourists and becomes quite busy. But if you wander around a bit you can still get lost in the streets and find places that are completely empty. 

And that’s exactly what Nerja is perfect for - just strolling around without a plan, enjoying narrow streets, tapas bars and independent boutiques. It’s also worth to look for restaurants with roof terraces or summer terraces. There’s plenty of them and they guarantee beautiful views around the town. Or if you’re lucky or very, very patient you can try to find a table in one of the places that have a terrace overlooking the beach and the sea. It’s definitely worth waiting for a while. 

But Nerja has a few of must see spots too. On my first visit, I decided to see only one of them but definitely the most famous one - The Balcony of Europe. It offers stunning views of the Nerja beaches and the town itself. 

It was my first but definitely not the last visit there. I still have to spend a lazy day on the beach and visit the Nerja caves. And when I do, I’ll let you know my thoughts but considering my already existing love for that town I’m sure it’s going to be amazing. If you have a chance to visit Nerja while you spend time in Costa del Sol definitely do! It’s absolutely beautiful and despite being quite a tourist orientated place it still managed to keep its charm. 

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